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Connect with other witches, ask questions, and learn more about Witchcraft, Spirituality, and Magic!

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About Witch Community

Witch Community is a network of individuals that are interested in Witchcraft, Spirituality, and Magic. 

Here you will find various topics such as Witch Herbs, Crystals, Moon Magic, Tarot, Astrology, Divination, and more. You can ask questions and contact all the members of our community.

We are hosting a Witch Book Club, Shadow Work Group, and Monthly Grimoire Prompt for you to share your thoughts, ideas, and questions about specific witchcraft topics. 

In the Shadow Work Group, you will find monthly Shadow Work Prompts (starting from September 2021), as well as great books to learn more about Shadow Work meaning in your life and practice. We will provide you with some Shadow Work exercises and worksheets too!

NEW! Free mini-course 

MAGIC! on how to create personal spells

Starting 8th of November 2021

WEEK 1 - MOMENTUM - finding the best time for our spells and rituals 

WEEK 2 - APPROACH - raising vibration, focusing the mind, types of spells 

WEEK 3 - GUIDELINES - magical ingredients and witchcraft tools

WEEK 4 - INTENTIONS - setting intentions that work and bring the desired change 

WEEK 5 - CASTING - casting circle, performing your spell step-by-step 

Our Witchcraft Learning Plan inside the Witch Community

July 2021

Lammas (Lughnasadh) traditions, history, and crafts
✦ Herb of the Month: Lavender
✦ Crystal of the Month: Amethyst
Magic intention: Grounding
✦ Types of Witches
✦ Setting up an Altar

August 2021

✦ Magic intention: Protection
✦ Runes
✦ Herb of the Month: Rosemary
Crystal of the Month: Clear Quartz
Witchy Morning Routine
✦ Witchcraft Tools
Book Club title: Yoga for the Witches

September 2021

Mabon - traditions, history, and crafts
Basics of Moon Magic
Magic Intention: Money and Prosperity
Herb of the Month: Basil
Crystal of the Month: Citrine
Casting a Circle

October 2021

Magic Intention: Healing
Herb of the Month: Mugwort
Crystal of the Month: Black Tourmaline
Color Magic

November 2021

Magic Intention: Manifestation
Herb of the Month: Coriander/Cilantro
Crystal of the Month: Lapis Lazuli
Major Arcana in Tarot
✦ Intentions, Affirmations, Incantations and Petitions
Days of the Week Magic

December 2021

Magic Intention: Cleansing
Herb of the Month: Cinnamon
Crystal of the Month: Moonstone
Tarot: the suit of Wands
✦ Visualization

In the premium Grimoire Printable Library, you can find 31 printable bundles on different topics with a total of over 225 pages ready to download and a value of $174.

Each month there will be extra 3-5 bundles added to this group! Covered topics: Witch Herbs, Crystal Pages, Wheel of the Year, Magical Intentions, and Witchcraft Subjects.

In the future, we will work towards creating Witchcraft Courses, Mentorship Program, and Live Zoom Meetings.

Why You Should Join Witch Community

In the Witch Community, we care about our members. We are here to help you make progress on your witchcraft path, get inspired, and learn magic together with other practitioners.

Here you can find a safe space to ask your question, find a witchy friend and connect with other community members.

Our community is almost like a witchcraft online coven with ongoing support, live chats, and a library of helpful topics. It will help you master the art of magic, spells, and rituals to achieve the life of your dreams.

We are inclusive of any gender, ethnicity, and the following path. Join us today and find out about all the great features of our Witch Community!

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